1. Hacker Studios membership is purchased on a “per-seat” basis. The number of seats purchased by any member may vary from month to month as needed. No notice is required of the member to change the number of seats included in his or her membership from month to month, but increases are subject to availability of space.

2. Each seat includes access to the following during normal business hours:

a. one non-designated chair and one non-designated desk space
b. wireless internet
c. a bookable meeting space to be reserved through Hacker Studios staff as needed
d. shared kitchen space and bathrooms, stocked with essentials only

3. Hacker Studios may, from time to time, provide other amenities or services to its members, but even when provided free of charge or to members only, such additional amenities or services should not be considered to be included in a regular membership.

4. Membership expires automatically at the end of the membership term. Members are not required to give any notice that a membership will not be renewed.


5. When a member purchases a seat for use by another person, the paying member is responsible for and will be held accountable for that user’s conduct unless and until the user enters into his or her own membership agreement.


6. Contact information, including a daytime phone number and emergency contact information, must be provided for every person regularly using the space for work, including but not limited to employees and partners of members. A mailing address outside of Hacker Studios and/or proof of identity may also be required for each paying member. All such personal contact information will be treated as confidential by Hacker Studios. Hacker Studios will not share such contact information with anyone for any reason except as required by law or in the case of an emergency.


7. Hacker Studios is open each weekday (Monday through Friday) from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. These are referred to as “normal business hours” throughout this agreement. Members may apply for after-hours access in person. A separate agreement for after-hours access extends, and does not replace, this agreement.


8. Hacker Studios is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items, or for any other business or personal losses.

9. Hacker Studios is a semi-public, shared space. Users are welcome to leave personal belongings and valuables in the space at their own risk, but Hacker Studios is not liable for or insured against any damage to or theft of members’ belongings.

10. Unattended items, including but not limited to paperwork, mail, computers, and food may be moved or removed as necessary by Hacker Studios staff or by other members.

11. Members may invite guests into the space as needed to carry out normal business, and should accompany them at all times while they are present. Whenever a member admits a non-member, they may be held responsible for that person’s conduct as if it were their own.

12. Hallways and other areas may be equipped with security cameras designed for surveillance via livestream, two-way communication, and/or recording.

13. To protect everyone’s privacy and security, members and users are not permitted to prop open exterior doors or otherwise prevent locking mechanisms from engaging at any time. Except during events booked and confirmed by Hacker Studios, exterior doors will be locked at all times outside of normal business hours, and in the case of emergency exits, at all times.


14. Hacker Studios reserves the right to revoke the membership of any person at any time, with or without notice.

15. A prorated refund will be provided for any membership discontinued at the discretion of Hacker Studios.


16. Be excellent to each other. At all times, members, guests, staff, and Hacker Studios management will treat each other with respect and compassion.

17. Treat the space as you would your own office; after all, that’s what it is. Please clean up after yourself, be respectful of other’s belongings, and report any concerns.

18. Please respect the confidentiality of your fellow members.

19. But do note that we are not a secret lair: we take and post lots of pictures and video, we frequently brag about our community members to the media, and may share your name, logo, and public contact information in places like signs or on our website. So please let us know in advance if you are in stealth mode.

20. Carrying out illegal activity of any kind on the property will result in membership being revoked immediately.


21. These Terms of Service will apply to any and every term of membership at Hacker Studios, consecutive or not, unless and until both parties commit to an updated Terms of Service, an agreement to permanently terminate membership is signed by both parties, or Hacker Studios revokes membership for any reason.