Bring Hacker Studios to your city!

Hacker Studios has launched our first startup spaces in London, Ontario, home to one of Canada's largest universities and major colleges. Your community could be next!

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Founder Studios

Private startup studios & personal accelerator programs for small business, early-stage startups, student entrepeneurs & recent graduates to live, work, study, and build a company.

Are you an early-stage startup or student entrepreneur in London, Ontario, Canada?

Apply to our residential Founder Studios program or inquire about private startup office space.

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Founder Studios

Coworking Space

Flexible, affordable, open concept coworking space designed to help manage rapid early-stage growth and build startup communities. Ideal for startups, freelancers, teleworkers, and nonprofits.


$100/mth ~ $50/week ~ $20/day
WiFi, coffee, and tea included


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