If you’re a startup looking for space, call Hacker Studios first.

Finding the right place for your company means finding a space where you and your employees will want to come to work every day.

It means being somewhere you can grow, try new things, hire new people, and make big changes without the space you’re in ever being a barrier.

It means having the flexibility you need while you’re evolving and a community of support around you.

We offer different types of space to fit the needs of most startups.

Find Your Fit
Coworking Space

Our coworking space is built for two things: productivity and growth. You’ll work in an open environment alongside other entrepreneurs, but with enough space that you can find a quiet corner when you need one.

Team Space

Perfect for teams that are ready for private space, but planning to outgrow it soon, these short-term lease offices also offer access to our coworking space.